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 Gameplay: Fable II - Five Gold coins

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PostSubject: Gameplay: Fable II - Five Gold coins   Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:42 am

Upon starting your new fable character you will be faced with the choice between a Boy or a Girl character. choosing either of these two will not affect your game-play in any way nor will it affect the main storyline, the only thing affected by this choice is some appearance differences whilst corrupt and how easily you will come upon male or female items of clothing.

When you start your game there will be a small part of scenery and then you will be forced to follow your sister to the market area. When you arrive at the market area you will come across a trader that has an outstanding offer for a magic box that grants a wish. Both you and your sister would like this Magic box to grant a wish. This starts of your next quest to gather enough gold coins to buy this box.

You can gain coins in a numerous amount of ways;
You may receive a gold coin by taking a photo posing for a photographer
You may receive a gold coin for helping rid the beetles from a large storage building
You may receive a gold coin by helping the guard collect all five arrest warrants
You may receive a gold coin by retrieving a bottle of wine for a rather drunk man
You may receive a gold coin by delivering a love letter to a resident in Bowerstone old Town/ Give the letter to the girls Mother

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Gameplay: Fable II - Five Gold coins
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