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 Modding gamertag with EZGT

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PostSubject: Modding gamertag with EZGT   Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:43 am

1. Connect your HDD to the data transfer kit, and then into the computer.

2. Open up Xplorer360 (or Xport360) and load your HDD.

3. Once your HDD is loaded, click on "Partition 3"

4. From there, click "Content"

5. Now you have some file hunting to do. Your profile will be in a folder starting with "E0". Open folders starting with E0 (If you have multiple profiles, then there will be more folders) and look for a folder name "FFFE07D1" (There will be multiples if you have multiple profiles). Next open up a subfolder named "00010000" (When you find the right E0 folder, drag the whole thing onto your desktop for a backup copy just in case something goes wrong - Name the folder "Profile Backup" or something similar)

6. Once "00010000" is open, the file inside will be your profile.

7. Drag this file to the desktop

8. Open up EZGT 1.1 and load your profile from the Desktop

9. Your Gamertag should come up. Now just edit it to be what you want it to be.

10. Now Save it. When you save it should ask where u want to save it. Make a New Folder for your desktop and save the Profile in there.

11. Go back into Xplorer or Xport and Click Content. Open up your new Folder and you should see you modded profile number.

12. Drag the modded Profile that is in your new folder into content.

13. Now find your Modded profile from content and open up all the folders until your Profile comes up with a white page next to it. Drag that onto your desktop.

14. Open up Modio

15. Drag your modded profile from the desktop into Modio and then click Rehash and Resign. Then exit Modio when you have done that.

16. Drag your profile from your desktop into your modded Profile in Xplorer or Xport.

17. Exit and disconnect your HDD and go onto your Xbox.

18. Sign out of your Proile.

19. Then press the Xbox Guide Button on your controller and you should see your Modded account. Sign in to it.

20. When it asks you to create your Avatar Just hit the Xbox Button on your contoller again.

21. Then click Play Call of Duty (This Mod Works For CoD4, CoD: Waw, and MW2)

22. Click Multiplayer and then Xbox Live. It should say you are not permitted to play Xbox live on this Profile. Then hit ok.

23. Then it will have you sign in to a different profile so sign into your real profile.

24. Hit Xbox Live again and it should come up as your Modded Profile.
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Modding gamertag with EZGT
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