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 How to fix disc error on PS3

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PostSubject: How to fix disc error on PS3   Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:12 am

How to fix the PS3 error where the ps3 wont read the disk.


also pictures will be up tomorrow hopefully!

a small star screwdriver
a usb cord
a 12v fan(can be found at a comp. store or in a comp.)
a scissors
a wire stripper(optional)

Make a usb fan:

1. get the usb cord and cut it off at the opposite end of the usb plug(if its double sided, choose one)
2. strip the plastic coating off and go down about an inch
3. there will be 4 wires in the usb cable, you only need the red and black.
4. now strip the red and black cables down one inch
5. now find the far side of the 12v fans wires and strip them down(so the copper wires are showing)an inch(just the red and black)
6. then connect the red wire on the usb cord to the red wire ton the fan and the black wire on the usb cord to the black wire on the fan.
7. plug the usb into a usb outlet and test to see it works.

How to install the fan

1. Take the top part of the ps3 off, and then take out all the screws on the inner shell, (this will void your warranty)
2. Now you should see the DVD drive, pull out the first cord that is connected to the front and then slowly lift up the DVD drive, there is still a ribbon wire connected to it.first take off the white sticker. you will see a little black bar at the end of the ribbon wire(on the DVD drive side) now flip that piece up and the ribbon will come out.
3.Now you must unscrew the little screws underneath the dvd drive. after that is done, you put the 12 volt fan right behind the disk.
4. Now put in the disk and you are ready to go!

NOTE: the drive will probably not be able to be put back together(because of the fan), so do not do this if you want to have the drive back together, also if you do this, chances are you will have to put the disk in yourself instead of putting it in thru the front.

This is what I have heard and don't no for sure, but i do believe it works Smile
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How to fix disc error on PS3
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