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 *Tutorial* what to do if your scammed on PS3

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PostSubject: *Tutorial* what to do if your scammed on PS3   Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:21 am

How do I get my account back!?

There are 2 things you can do.

1. Go to forgot password. Enter your e-mail address. Enter your birthday and security password, then reset your password.
-I forgot my age and/or security answer!
Unfortunately you cannot get your account back if you forgot that information. Remember this information for your next account. (Skip this step)
2. Call Sony support and attempt to have them restore your e-mail address and e-mail you a temporary password. If you cannot give them enough information, they cannot help you.

I left my credit card on my account when it was stolen!

This deserves immediate attention!

1. Call Sony and have them freeze that account, you do not need any information to have them freeze an account. It is highly recommended.
2. Cancel your credit card. It is recommended as well.

I want to make my scammer pay! What can I do?

1. Report him here:
2. Save those PMs, take pictures, and PM them to me. If the proof is good enough, he will receive a ban from here (granted he has an account). If you do not have well enough proof, we will be forced to wait until a second person claims to have been scammed by said person.
3. If the scammer has a PS3HaX account, leave negative feedback to prevent some people from trading with him. Just go to the persons account, iTrader feedback, submit feedback. If you need a URL, just use: "link removed"

Tips to avoid being scammed

1. Force the trader to comply the rules seen here:
2. Ask about the trader. It's always good to be sure.
3. Remember to save your PMs, they could be vital to prove someone is a scammer.
4. Make sure you're logged in to your e-mail on a nearby computer.
5. Change your password to something you never use for anything else.
6. Go in to Account Management, billing information, and make sure to CLEAR everything (Check it 3 times).
7. Make an account on you PS3, add your main account to that one and you'll be able to see when the person logs on or off. They won't know your watching, they will just think you are a friend.
8. As soon as they are done: Log back in and change your password back as fast as possible.
9. Always be prepared to act fast and do not be distracted with something else, only trade when you have your full 100% attention.

Copy PS3 Game Scams:

You might have heard that PS3 games can be copied using some special software. PS3 games cannot be copied easily because the discs it uses to store the games are Blue Ray Discs which has advanced encryption techniques. Above all, Sony has also implemented its own encryption algorithm and it is highly guarded to prevent the games from copied to other discs. I am a software engineer by profession and I am a fan of PS3 too. I deal with encryption algorithms day in and day out. I know how complicated those PS3 disc algorithms are. If you ever come across any site that guarantee's to copy PS3 games, you should be very careful.
PS3 Game Copy/Burn/Backup Scams - Don't Believe or Buy these!

Scam Softwares

I recently came across some sites such as, and and they were selling some software. These sites claim that we can copy any console games including PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. Though my mind said that they are scams, I purchased the software in two of the above mentioned websites and none seems to be working for PS3. I was scammed to the core and hence I got my money back from them.

Don't purchase any software to copy, backup or burn PS3 Games. One of them seemed to copy the game, but I was not able to play it back in my PS3. Sony verifies all discs to see whether they are original or not. These softwares are not capable of burning discs similar to the original one.
Alternatives to Copy PS3 Games
As I told earlier, till date, it is not possible to copy PS3 Games. Please let me know a service in the comments section below if you have used anything successfully to copy, burn and play PS3 games.

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*Tutorial* what to do if your scammed on PS3
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