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 Tips: Black Ops

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PostSubject: Tips: Black Ops   Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:28 am

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest installment of the illustrious and legendary Call of Duty series of video games. Black Ops once again proves to put focus on the online multi-player aspect of the game in order to give online gamers a brand new and in depth multi-player experience where they play through detailed maps of some of the most crucial dramatized aspects of the cold War. Once again, Black Ops comes complete with several game modes and several ways to pay and claim victory, but actually achieving success in the online world of Black Ops is something that can be very difficult.

The first key to success in Call of Duty: Black Ops is to utilize the map. Like many online games, the map and surroundings that you play in can drastically affect the way that your game progresses. If you take the time to play through each of the maps and learn more about the surroundings that you are playing in such as finding shortcuts and hiding places, the best way to think of ambush and kill strategies and perhaps even find potential glitches, you can increase the chances of topping the kill board for your game, thus earning your team the victory also. Knowing your maps is the first key to success in the online world of Black Ops.

Another key to achieving success is to utilize upgrades to your advantage. If you play the online mode, you can get COD Points which can then be spent on weapon upgrades and perks. If you find the best perks and upgrades to suit your gameplay style, you can increase your chances of claiming kills and getting the winning blow for your team. Practice with the weapons in Black ops and practice with the perks also and you will be able to find the best combinations to increase your chances of success. If you instruct your team to do the same and work together with you, the good teamwork is an effective means of combating the enemy. Play regularly, upgrade regularly and never overlook the benefits of good teamwork.

Call of Duty: Black Ops is going to become one of the most sought after games of the year in the Christmas holidays and therefore; the popularity of the online servers is set to rise. With more players, increasing your chances of success is essential. Never overlook the benefits of such things as map exploration so you know where you are and what you are doing, Other important things to consider is upgrading your weapons and perks by farming COD points as well as general good teamwork skills. Success is not out of reach in the world of Call of duty: black Ops; you can be a Black Ops master if you increase your chances of success.
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Tips: Black Ops
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