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 Opinion/Poll: Glitches vs Hacks

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Glitches or Hacks
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PostSubject: Opinion/Poll: Glitches vs Hacks   Wed Nov 17, 2010 11:57 am

hat's your opinion on the differences?
Most members came here for one or the other or came to find out something that would give them an advantage over general gamers.
I define glitching as not altering your system in anyway and finding design flaws that can be exploited. These can be done by any player with knowledge and practice.
Hacking is done by altering the mechanics of the game. This can only be done adding to or changing something to your operating system.
I'm no techno master and do not fully understand all of the distictions between gltiching and hacking but is there a difference in the level of cheating?
Let's be honest, both are taking advantage of the general gamer and if it was possible to completely stop both, this site would be a lot smaller.

How do you all define the difference?
Is there a difference in the degree of advantage?
Is any advantage at all unfair?
Most of me wishes they could prevent all of it and a true measure of skill could be established.
The other part wishes I was a techno geek who could write the master code and be ranked the best player in the world.
( Then post it here and get the most rep in the world )

Instead, I'm stuck in between, looking for for some advantages and ignoring my guilt because anyone can do it if they look online.

WTF: Either play it straight or cheat like hell.

I know this may be the wrong site to ask these questions, but who better to ask?

What's your opinion? and don't forget to do the poll below.
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Opinion/Poll: Glitches vs Hacks
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